Why Do Millennials Make Poor Decisions?


1. We can make godly decisions by carefully choosing which voices we listen to. Find Biblically-minded, spirit-filled counsel

"This is why God gives us the gift of the church where the church is not only a certain age group or life stage or department or ministry or even just one small group. The church is full of different individuals, different backgrounds, and of course different experiences that can counsel and advise you on."

2. Don't be worried about making the wrong decision

"The Gospel gives us tremendous confidence to make decisions among equal and legitimate options as well as it gives us tremendous comfort even if we've made wrong decisions."

3. Remember that the end goal is not to make the right decision, but to become more like Jesus

"Every sensible parent prays and hopes that they would raise sons and daughters who can make wise, godly decisions for themselves. Why would our Father in heaven have any lesser goals for you?"

Pastor Harold Kim is the Lead Pastor of Christ Central of Southern California and heads the Christ Central Network.