Why Do Spiritual Disciplines Matter and How Do I Develop a Passion for Them?

Many of us struggle with the fact that our Christian faith is so passive. That’s why we must practice spiritual disciplines. They are what help us to grow.

Although practicing disciplines can seem like difficult, Pastor Jimmy Han counsels us to not think of them as work but instead steps in deepening a relationship.

We don’t like to try things that we’re bad at doing. But if we remember that it takes time, repetition, and practice to get to a level where we are good at anything, then we can encourage ourselves to work on our spiritual disciples, and it will eventually become enjoyable. Ultimately, a fulfilling relationship with God comes through the spiritual disciplines. 

Pastor Jimmy Han is the founding and lead pastor of Good News Chapel.  He is the former national director of KCM and has a deep passion for missions and inter-generational ministries.