How Do I Be a Witness to My Co-Workers?

Evangelizing to co-workers can be intimidating. Pastor Jimmy Han shares tips on how to be an effective witness to them, without ruining our work environments.

1. Don’t evangelize during work hours because we should be working

2. Build relationships with co-workers to get to know them as people, not just as projects

3. Be encouraged knowing that we all know how to evangelize, as we are always eager to share our experiences with a great movie or a meal with our friends

In the same way, we can and should bear witness about our relationship and faith in Jesus Christ, because the most attractive thing to our co-workers will be them seeing our joy and fulfillment in Jesus. 

Pastor Jimmy Han is the founding and lead pastor of Good News Chapel.  He is the former national director of KCM and has a deep passion for missions and inter-generational ministries.