4 Reasons for Christians to Dance

4 Reasons for Christians to dance

Irene Paek    |     MAY 28, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

“Why do you dance?”

I get this question a lot.

Dancing is one of those “grey areas” for Christians. Is it okay to do “that move”? Is clubbing okay? What if the music has curse words in it? What if people get too close?

I’m not here to make blanket statements. There is freedom in Christ that is balanced by our obligation to prevent others from stumbling. For example, as Christians, we should be dancing while also being concerned about what we wear, the lyrics, and the moves so we can best honor God and encourage the audience. We are called to study the motives of our hearts and to also channel the passions and gifts God has given us.

So I believe dancing can and should be used to glorify God. I believe that God sees dancing as a beautiful thing. Here are the reasons 4 ways in which Christians can dance for the glory of God.

1. Dance helps us to feel joy

I believe one of the main reasons why God brought dance into the world is to communicate the emotions in our hearts through our bodies, without some of the restrictions and boundaries that come from using words. One of the best emotions that dance portrays is joy, as we can see from viral videos of weddings and flash mobs. Even David danced joyfully before God while he celebrated the return of the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 6:12-15).

2. Dance helps us to be fully present in worship

Why do you think little kids in the church learn praise songs with body worship? It’s so that they can understand and feel what it means to live out the gospel in their whole lives, connecting their minds to their bodies. Maybe you don’t do body worship during your Sunday services, but you can try to groove to a praise song in the car or maybe lift up your hands (not while driving, though).

3. Dance teaches us how to encourage one another

Some of the most supportive people in my life are from my dance community. Whether I served in a team or I was cheered by random people during studio classes, I always felt loved and embraced, even when I would mess up or blank out. That’s because in dance, we learn together and often perform together, shouting encouragement along the way. I strive to pour that supportive attitude into my friendships and community, showing them how much I love and care for them in the same light that God does for me.

4. Dance shows us that God created us uniquely

Dance has brought me to love myself for who I am and how God has made me. I often dance as a form of worship and gratitude to God to ultimately remind myself to thank God for giving me the ability to move. Whether if you can breakdance or just shuffle your feet from side to side, God has created you uniquely too.

I grew up with a lot of insecurities, especially with my body. I was never the prettiest, skinniest, or smartest. But through dance, I learned to love how God created to me and was assured of my identity as his created child.

I hope you can use your body to glorify Him, whether through the raising of hands or swaying to music. I’m sure there will be dancing in heaven, so let’s practice here on earth!

Irene Paek is a recent graduate from Biola University with a B.A. in English Literature and Writing.  She attends Living Hope Community Church, mainly serving in the worship team. She aspires to become a screenwriter, and by doing so she hopes to declare her testimony to the world, bringing the broken back to the Creator.