Bible Reading Tool #5: Write it Down

Bible Reading Tool #5: Write It Down

SOLA Network     |     JANUARY 17, 2019     |    1 MIN READ

Isn’t reading the Bible enough? Now we have to write something?

We don’t want to add any requirements for reading the Bible. However, writing is a powerful tool that helps us to reflect on what we read and learned from the Word and the Holy Spirit.

So do what works for you, whether it’s in your bullet journal, the Notes app on your phone, or on a spare napkin.

1) Write out one verse that spoke to you, that you want to remember, or even confused you

2) Write a short response or prayer, incorporating the words you’ve read

There is something powerful about spending a little extra time and energy with his Word, and when you look back on your notes, perhaps God will give you new insight or you’ll see prayers answered.

Writing out verses is also a great way to encourage friends. Text them a verse you read or take a picture and send it to them. And if you don’t get a verse, you can always text it to your pastor.