How Can I Be Discipled by the Older Generation?


1. Don’t look for perfection

The older generation feels insecure in mentoring or discipling you. They know that they don’t have life put together, so they do not think they have anything to offer. Rather than look for perfection, look at the older generation and look for any aspect of their life that you wish could rub off on you. It could be how they relate to their children, how they relate to spouse, how they serve at church, how they do their small groups… And learn from them.

2. Ask to have lunch, not to be mentored

Don’t ask an older person to mentor or disciple you. Many older people will be afraid of that kind of responsibility and time commitment. Frankly, they don’t even know what that is. Rather, ask them to have a meal together so that you can ask questions. Ask them questions and let them talk. They may even pay for lunch.

3. Come alongside of them

But in order to maintain a more long-term influence, serve with them. Do a ministry together with them. A lot of learning is caught not taught.

Pastor Steve Chang is the Lead Pastor of Living Hope Community Church and a board member of Crossroads Campus Ministries.