Use the Immigrant-Started Church

Use The Immigrant-Started Church

Hannah Chao     |     JANUARY 30, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

In a recent post, Tim Keller asked the question, “How Do We Reach a Global Generation?

He suggests that because of the Internet, the reach of Western ideas (like individualism) has spread throughout the world. This brought about the creation of a hybrid-like cultures all over the world, mixing Western and non-Western culture in a way that no one quite understands or can fully relate to.

Using South Korea as an example, Keller writes, “It’s almost like putting two chemicals together to form a new cultural compound. Nobody quite knows what to do with them. It would almost take somebody from the West and somebody from Korea working together to say, “How do you reach them?”

For those of us in the immigrant church context: Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? In immigrant-started churches, the older generation has its own cultural norms, while the 2nd-generation members has a fusion of their parents culture and the American culture they have grown up in. This leads to friction and misunderstandings, with the two sides not fully understanding the other.

Successful immigrant-started churches that span multiple generations are able to navigate this challenge when the immigration generation and the subsequent generations are able to trust one another and sacrifice for the benefit of the other. When they become true partners, sharing and serving in love, they are able to bridge any cultural barriers.

I hope Pastor Keller can find hope for the answer to his post’s question by looking at our immigrant-started churches. They are already reaching a global generation with the Gospel, and are striving to be the unified body of Christ across cultures and generations.

Hannah Chao is a writer and the editor for SOLA. She is also on staff as the administrator at All Nations Community Church. Hannah is a wife and a mom of two beautiful little girls. You can follow her on Twitter.