What is Sola Nexus?

What is SOLA Nexus?

Simply put, a nexus is a connection, and SOLA Nexus exists to be a resource to young adults for the purposes of abiding in our connectedness to God and also connecting with others, especially while addressing the unique context and experience of young adult life.

Because this is an unprecedented event for many of our churches, there are probably some questions that naturally come to our minds. Let’s try to address a few.

Is this event a conference or a retreat?

The planning team, made up of representatives of multiple churches, decided early on to take the best aspects of a retreat and a conference to create a venue for our young adult groups to learn and grow together.

SOLA Nexus is a conference with plenary speakers, breakout seminars, and no overnight lodging. But because we also value the deeper sense of community and connection that comes with a retreat, we also implemented elements such as small groups to the conference.

What’s the theme of this event?

The theme for this first event is “Connected to God, Connecting to Others.”  Young adults regularly face the challenges of finding their purpose in the midst of the daily grind, dealing with uncertainty when it comes to careers and relationships, and remaining faithful in the midst of a post-Christian world.

These challenges necessitate a deep, genuine connectedness to God, and this naturally leads to the need for connection also with others. In college, community is easily accessible and almost “built-in,” but as we transition to young adulthood, it becomes so much easier to become isolated and disconnected. SOLA Nexus exists to strengthen and renew this connectedness.

What makes SOLA Nexus distinct?

Every church can have its own young adult retreat or conference, but with SOLA Nexus we get to experience a deeper sense of the universal church. Every church has its particular strengths and weaknesses; no one church has everything perfectly right. That’s why it’s a wonderful thing to have opportunities like this in which different churches can pursue greater partnership for the sake of growing together and learning from one another.

When and where?

SOLA Nexus will take place on June 2-3 at Living Hope Community Church in Brea. Registration is now open. We’ll see you there!