Thank God It's Friday: Weekend Roundup for April 12, 2019


AARON LEE     |     APRIL 12, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

The SOLA Conference 2019 recap video is here! You can also see some of our favorite photos on our website’s Conference page.

My feature recommendation this week is the Walnut Commentary podcast from FCBC Walnut. In the latest episode, Shoes Are Symbols, Pastor Hanley Liu and I talk about Yogurtland, PreachersNSneakers, NASB 95, and the 2019 SOLA Conference. We also take on a listener question: What can a guy do if he has already asked out different girls out church and they all said no? How should girls treat this type of guy? Listen on YouTube, Spotify, or via Podcasts.

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1. Tim Challies: PreachersNSneakers and Pastors as Lifestyle Brands

Challies chimes in on the conversation regarding clothing and displaying Christ-like character on social media.

2. Abigail Dodds: A Manifesto for Christian Women on Instagram

Author Abigail Dodds exhorts our sisters to shine the light of Christ on social media.

3. Mark Vroegop: How Lament Can Help with Racial Reconciliation

Pastor and TGC council member Mark Vroegop says that the church should embrace lament as a language for racial reconciliation.

4. Vera Christian: The Secret to Growth: The Treasure of a Teachable Heart

SOLA contributor Vera Christian tells us to be teachable in order to grow in Christ.

5. John Piper: Should We Celebrate Interracial Marriage?

This sermon resurfaced last week and calls on Christian couples to celebrate interracial marriage as a positive good and as a beautiful thing.


1. John MacArthur: Fifty Years of Pastoral Ministry

In this hour-long audio interview from Grace To You, John MacArthur reflects on 50 years of pastoral ministry at Grace Community Church.

2. Media from the 2019 Shepherds’ Conference: Faithful

Over 40 audio recordings from the 2019 Shepherds’ Conference is available online, including general sessions, breakout sessions, and the Q&A session.

3. Past Issues of Credo Magazine

View nearly 30 issues of Credo Magazine sorted by topic, described by Justin Taylor as “a storehouse of theological riches.”

4. SBTS Music Videos

Watch the music videos for Rejoice by Lexington Road and His Mercy Is More by the Boyce Dorm Meeting Band.


1. David Larry Kim: How to Have Hope Despite the Messiness of the Church

“The promise of Jesus from the very beginning was that the church would be the hope of the world.”

2. Richard Lee: Impartation of Me: Out of the Overflow of the Heart the Mouth Speaks

“The spoken word is an impartation of a person to the listener. It contains the heart and soul of the person . . . No matter how eloquently and logically impeccable the thoughts and logic of my heart may be, without a heart transformed by the grace of God my words may only become a noisy gong and even destructive.”

3. Aaron Choi: How to Walk Alongside Others During Seasons of Difficulty

“Christ is the ultimate burden bearer. That's something that's proclaimed time and time again in both Old and New Testaments about Christ’s role to bear our sins, our shame, and our grief, as well as our burdens.”

4. Michael Agapito: Why the Apostles’ Creed Matters

“The Apostles’ Creed contains the essentials of Christian faith within a few succinct lines . . . In the past 200 years, [it] fell into disuse because of rapid changes in Western culture ranging from modernization, secularism, and fundamentalism.”

5. Hannah Chao: How Can Asian Americans Grow As Writers?

“Even in our high school curriculums or bookstores or libraries, all these stories are written by non-Asians, and the examples they use may be white or black, or other cultures that are not ours.”

6. Thank God It’s Friday: Weekend Roundup

In case you missed it, here is our roundup from last week. Moms, You Are Not Enough, Does Theology Cause Sexual Abuse?, The Essential Core: Disciplining Your Mind for an Intentional Life, The Wild and Precious Gift of Poetry: Learning How to Dance with God, and Trusting God In Your Waiting Season.

Aaron Lee serves as the Social Media Officer of First Chinese Baptist Church of Walnut. He is a Sunday School teacher and music leader. He works as a Registered Nurse Clinical Analyst. He and his wife, Jess, live in Alhambra, a city in California’s San Gabriel Valley, home to the largest concentration of Asian American communities in the United States. His music, podcasts, and articles about worship and art are on his website.