Thank God It's Friday: Weekend Roundup for July 19, 2019


AARON LEE     |     JULY 19, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

I will lead the singing at FCBC Walnut this Sunday, so I shared part two of 10 Easy Ways to Blow Your Influence as a Worship Leader with our music team. I hope it benefits my fellow SOLA readers who are also worship leaders.

This week on the website we published three articles connected around the theme of youth and the younger generation. Share at your local Christian club, see the divide between the kid and adult tables, and speak to reach Gen Z.

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1. Heidi Tai: A Place at the Table

SOLA contributor Heidi Tai was recently featured in an A La Carte post by Tim Challies. “As working-class migrants, I know that my grandparents aren’t particularly impressive by our society’s standards. Their outward appearance is far from stylish, their achievements will never make the headlines, and they could never defend or speak up for themselves because of their limited language skills. But what they have taught me from a place of lack has shaped the best parts of who I am.”

2. Steve Bang Lee: 10 Reflections from 10 Years of Marriage

Steve Bang Lee shares his thoughts on the wedding day, marriage counseling, children, and more.

3. Alice Su: In Hong Kong, one protester pulls off his mask and defines a movement

“But he took the risk in order to claim his voice. In doing so, he reflected the heart of what protest means for many in Hong Kong: standing before terrifying power, and speaking clearly about who they are.”

4. Camille Bromley: How Magazines Made Asian America

Writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, Camille Bromley looks at A Magazine, Hyphen, KoreAm, and newcomer Banana Magazine and the power of Asian American publications.

5. Thabiti Anyabwile: Errata: An Apology to Some Evangelicals

“As providence would have it, a long litany of police-involved shootings took place over the coming months. I began writing about my fear and the state of things as I saw them. In the process, I believe at various points I sinned against some of my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.”


1. Kim Kira: The One Who Saves and Satisfies

Listen to the most recent Sunday sermon from Pastor Kim Kira of Lighthouse Community Church. He is preaching from one my favorite I AM statements by Jesus in John 6:48-59: I am the bread of life. Pastor Kira’s Key Idea: The truth that Jesus saves and satisfies is the reality that we must daily embrace by faith.

2. Nahre So: 16 Levels of Piano Composition: Easy to Complex

In this 10-minute video for Wired, pianist and composer Nahre So takes “Happy Birthday” to the extreme.

3. Erik Thoennes: Redeeming Jealousy - The Glory of God’s Exclusive Love

Erik Thoennes, the Professor and chair of theology at Talbot School of Theology/Biola University, explains the meaning of godly jealousy in a feature article for DesiringGod in 2500 words. This is the 12th entry in a series of feature articles by scholars for pastors and teachers.


1. Chris Li: 7 Preaching Tips to Effectively Reach Gen Z

“Every time I go up to the pulpit (which is just a music stand), I try to swing for the fences. Sometimes a sermon connects with students but other times, I feel like I strikeout. Why? I believe that teenagers have changed and research proves it.”

2. Fred Mok: Stop Arguing with Yourself and Enjoy God’s Presence

“It’s a distortion of the Gospel to believe that God’s dearly loved children are constantly being judged and condemned. Today, I’m learning to allow the voice of the compassionate shepherd to gently calm my temperamental inner critic. I’m learning to consider the shepherd’s voice as the prompting of the Holy Spirit.”

3. Daniel Greenhouse Kim: The Divide Between the Kid and Adult Tables

“After grabbing a plate, you sit down with the other adults, but things couldn’t be more awkward. [...]Throughout the meal you can’t help but feel that you don’t belong, and you wish you could be back at the kids’ table. [...]This scenario parallels a precarious situation that many churches face.”

4. Charlie Kang: 3 Reasons to Guest Speak at Your Local Christian Club

“Many of us presume that only Christians would go to Christian club but I’ve met all sorts of students during my time there [who] are curious about Christianity but would never step into a church.”

5. Thank God It’s Friday: Weekend Roundup

In case you missed it, here is our roundup from last week: Say My Name, Why the Church Can and Must Care for Orphans, “I Did Not Die. I Did Not Go to Heaven.” - How the controversy around a Christian bestseller engulfed the evangelical publishing industry—and tore a family apart, The Protestant Pioneer’s Unsung Hero: Francis Asbury, and So, Gutenberg Didn’t Actually Invent the Printing Press - On the Unsung Chinese and Korean History of Movable Type.

Aaron Lee serves as the Social Media Officer of First Chinese Baptist Church of Walnut. He is a Sunday School teacher and music leader. He works as a Registered Nurse Clinical Analyst. He and his wife, Jess, have one son, Linus, who is adopted. They live in California’s San Gabriel Valley, home to the largest concentration of Asian American communities in the United States. Aaron’s music, videos, podcasts, and articles about worship and art are on his website.