Bible Reading Tool #2: The Bible Project


SOLA NETWORK     |     JANUARY 3, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

The Bible Project is an amazing resource for Christians who want to learn about Biblical context and themes. The makers of The Bible Project give overviews of individual books of the Bible using great analysis plus animated videos, most of which are only about 5-6 minutes long.

Through their videos, you can learn the historical context of the Bible, as well as see how it is a unified story that all leads to Jesus while exploring themes like “The Covenants” and “Holiness.”

Before you start reading a book of the Bible (or if you get stuck in a book), take a look at the corresponding video. It will help unpack the book and really see the thread of God’s work of redemption through Christ.

Where to Begin

Here’s a great place to start: How to Read the Bible

Bonus: They also have a podcast! (Note: These are much longer, generally about an hour long.)

Check out Tool #1 in case you missed it!