SOLA exists to influence the emerging generation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are driven by the Local Church and for the Local Church. Our desire is to see an emerging generation embrace and flourish in the Local Church as members of the body and bride of Christ.


We hold to a high view of scripture, which affirms the doctrines of inerrancy, inspiration, and infallibility. We affirm the Reformation declaration of “SOLA SCRIPTURA” and believe that Scripture holds the final authority over the Church and our lives.



We believe that the Gospel speaks and changes every aspect of a believer's life. As such, we desire to center the emerging generation's life to nothing other than the Gospel and help to see the practical implications in their lives. 


We believe that Gospel influence is not solely defined as the renewal of our minds, but also the redemption of our works. As such, we desire to influence an emerging generation toward a Gospel movement that carries the grace and truth of Christ to all peoples and all nations.