Bible Reading Tool #4: Use Your Phone

Bible Reading Tool #4: Use Your Phone

Sola Network     |     JANUARY 10, 2019     |    2 MIN READ

There’s nothing wrong with reading the Bible on your phone. In fact, our phones can be a helpful tool in helping us to read better, with links accessing us to further references, informational videos, and devotionals.

Here’s a list of some good apps to help keep you on track as you read the Bible this year.

Read Scripture iOS

Read Scripture Android

This is the app pulled together by the folks at the Bible Project, who have been putting together an excellent multimedia Bible literacy project. They have intro videos for nearly every single book of the Bible, tracing themes and storylines together, and have also been producing projects for helping people understand Biblical doctrines as well.

Reading Plan (iOS only)

This is a really simple app with a huge list of different reading plans that you can use to keep your Bible reading organized this year. It can also connect with your favorite Bible app on your phone so you can read the translation of your choice. It’s a very simple checklist app with few bells and whistles.

YouVersion iOS

YouVersion Android

Probably the most popular Bible app, the YouVersion app has access to the more popular Bible translation and a number of different reading plans, devotionals, study tools, journals, etc. It’s a great one stop option for many needs, and it’s very well supported and updated by the developers.

Bible Gateway iOS

Bible Gateway Android

Similar to YouVersion, the Bible Gateway app has access to more Bible translations, and offers a simple subscription model for a library of Bible study notes at your fingertips.

Christian Creeds & Reformed (iOS only)

This is a unique app with access to a number of important, foundational Christian Creeds. While Bible is reading is essential, the ancient creeds can help reorient us to good Christian doctrines.